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A Byrd's-Eye View Welcome

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Hello there. For some time I've posted on my Facebook account occasional musings about literature and life; I often called those posts, "It's Sunday Again." Many of you seemed to like the discussions and I've enjoyed our interactions, so I've decided that going forward I will use my website ( https:/// ) as a central location. It will be simpler to review older blog posts, get status on my new novel I hope to publish in 2022, and other matters. So let's get started.

The title here, A Byrd's-Eye-View goes back to the old days when I was COO at Alpha Technologies.. For quarterly meetings I'd prepare a long presentation reviewing the business but often wrote essays about life and thoughts and passed those along. Before the days blogs and the advanced Internet tools we have today, it was all quite simple but those days also reminded me how much I loved to write, to try and inspire people the way I did when I taught English in my early life. I suppose I still that young man with holes in my shoes standing on my desk in a public school outside Tulsa reading Chaucer to farm kids and children of forgotten factory worker families decent in their souls even if they were meagre in the size of family pocketbooks.

In the top drawer of my dresser back in New Jersey, a crumpled pair of hand-knitted slippers sits patiently waiting for me to touch them again, to remember the young idealist I was in my twenties. A Sapulpa, Oklahoma pig farmer sewed them himself for me. Big as a bard door and strong enough to life a tractor, this sixteen year old imprinted me with something I carry even today---the belief that we matter to each other in this life. He could barely read or write, often had to miss school because the farm demanded his time, but he had a gentleness about him that wafted over me reminding my sometimes frustrated zeal to share knowledge that life has many facets and that they don't always shine.

Those days of hope and passion I now direct to my writing, and I hope you'll stroll along with me as we chat about life. Have a nice Sunday. Arthur

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