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Southern literary fiction feeds on the soul food of human relationships by examining man's relationship to nature, his struggle with the human gravity of emotion, and the wilderness of the human consciousness. Who we are and why mean everything.

My first novel published in 2017, What the River Wants, follows a southern family but particularly an estranged grandfather and his grandson. A senior grappling with the vagaries of time and regret melds into a coming-of-age quest as this family copes with modern life and the vestiges of its past. A multi-generational story, this novel of literary fiction concentrates on the bonds of blood and friendship as lifelines against the personal darkness waiting at all ages for each of us.

My second novel to be published in late 2022, CROSSING LAKE PONTCHARTRAIN, examines how a misstep between teenage idealism into adulthood prompts profound consequences. Insights from a prism of friends help a 40-year-old Mississippi man discover the life he yearns for yet has denied himself until in New Orleans, he learns at last that sometimes when things fall apart, they fall together again. 

My third novel, LEAF RIVER DAYS, begins with the early life of Arlie Dupree as he is touched by the coldness of truth and must forever search for answers about his own life and relationship to his mother and father.

A three-book trilogy connected thematically rather than by recurring characters, these three novels take generational looks at southern family, the journey of self-understanding, and the creative catalyst of human connection. About
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I've been a college/high school English teacher, a technology CEO, a real estate agent in the Dominican Republic selling beachfront property, but now I'm following my lifelong dream of writing novels. Join me as I publish my novels and occasionally blog about life and literature on my blog, "A Byrd's-Eye View."  Welcome.  Arthur About

A Byrd's-Eye View

A blog about life and literature 

“Real life, life finally uncovered and clarified, the only life in consequence lived to the full, is literature. Life in this sense dwells within all ordinary people as much as the artist. But they do not see it because they are not trying to shed light on it.”

― Marcel Proust, Time Regained About Blog Feed
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Amazon link to my 2017 novel, What The River Wants as well as two short stories, Kitten Raylan and Under the Lights:

A sampling of Amazon verified customer reviews: Welcome
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“To be an artist means never to avert one’s eyes.”

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