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Literary fiction peers into space between human relationships, the region I like to call human gravity. It also questions man's relationship to nature and wilderness of the human consciousness. These are the regions I want to roam. My first novel, What the River Wants, follows the dual paths of a grandson and a grandfather, one venturing into a teenage coming-of-age drama, the other grappling with the vagaries of time and the crushing weight of an overburdened past. Their generational story was meant to be an homage to my mother who had already passed when I wrote the novel, but it went deeper into the pool of love, loss, and friendship and confirmed for me I want to write about the inner world we all live in and how it touches the fragile links among us all. 

My coming novel, "Prism of Friends," alternates between a Mississippi man's hometown and the city of New Orleans a few years after Hurricane Katrina.  Forty-year-old LARRY trudges through a spiritless wasteland of a life he's allowed to slip away until an Argentine painter sparks his fallowed will to write. Then in New Orleans, artsy strangers ranging from a clairvoyant to an iron sculptor to a philosophical maintenance worker lead Larry on his quest for self-discovery. 

A portrait of the artist as an everyman, Larry reveals many of us as we stare into the pit of mid-life and wonder which way is up and which down. But sometimes when things fall apart, they fall together again.

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I've been a college/high school English teacher, a technology CEO, a real estate agent in the Dominican Republic selling beachfront property---now I'm following my lifelong dream of writing novels. In 2017 I published, What the Rive Wants, southern fiction about the vagaries of aging, friendship, and family set in the deep south.  

For years now I've worked on the new novel I hope to release in 2022, "Prism of Friends."  My writing vision since The River has been that my first three novels will deal with old age, middle age, and youth in that order. Prism is the second installment and I've already begun the third novel focused more on early life; that working title is, "Leaf River Days."

Join me as I discuss life, literature, and my writing on my blog, "A Byrd's-Eye View."  Welcome.  Arthur


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“Real life, life finally uncovered and clarified, the only life in consequence lived to the full, is literature. Life in this sense dwells within all ordinary people as much as the artist. But they do not see it because they are not trying to shed light on it.”

― Marcel Proust, Time Regained

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“To be an artist means never to avert one’s eyes.”

Akira Kurosawa, filmaker